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One Lens Exhibit Offers Accessible Storytelling Opportunities

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania First Lady Frances Wolf announced the launch of the One Lens: Sharing our Common Views project. In a statement released by the First Lady's office, Frances Wolf outlined the project's main goal - to demonstrate the unified spirit of Pennsylvanians battling the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The project is a collaboration between the First Lady's Office, PA Council on the Arts, PA Historical and Museum Commission, the PA Tourism Office, and the Library of Accessible Materials for Pennsylvanians. The exhibit is accepting submissions to the project online and by phone. Originally, the project launched with only photo submissions in mind, but as of February 19, the project has expanded its submission form to accept audio content as well.

The Governor's office issued a press release stating, "this new collaboration increases accessibility to Pennsylvanians who are blind or living with visual, physical, or reading disabilities, and those with limited Internet access." Pennsylvanians are encouraged to submit content that captures:

· Our Heroes - Paying homage to the pandemic heroes who could not simply stay home.

· Our Lives - A look at how Pennsylvanians spent their time when no one was watching.

· Our Communities - A showcase of Pennsylvanians coming together during an unprecedented time.

Participants have until March 8, 2021 to submit photographs online, and until March 15, 2021 to submit audio images via voicemail at 215-683-3218. If selected, your snapshot could be shared online and through the Commonwealth's social media channels.


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