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OVR Job Retention Program

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation provides a wide range of services just for employers. Of those services, JOB RETENTION is a top priority. OVR will serve and prioritize individuals who are currently working but struggling to perform the essential functions of their job due to a disability-related issue. OVR can open the case immediately to bypass the waitlist. OVR can provide accommodation consultation by assessing the worksite or job processes to determine solutions to allow employers to retain current employees to achieve and return to productive employment. Contact your local OVR office for more information.

Job Retention Frequently Asked Questions for EMPLOYERS

  1. I have an employee with a disclosed disability, at this time their disability is progressing and is interfering with their ability to do their job, I don’t know how long I can afford to keep them. What are my options?

    1. If this employee is in immediate risk of losing their job, that is a priority status at OVR. We can intervene immediately. Contact OVR to make a referral.

  2. What happens when I talk to OVR?

    1. An OVR supervisor will complete a brief screening form to find out; nature of the job, difficulties the employee is having performing job tasks, solutions tried at the worksite to accommodate the individual.

      1. An OVR counselor will meet with the employee to open an OVR case and get necessary releases signed so there is open communication with all parties.

      2. A detailed analysis of the job will be performed to determine accommodations to help the employee retain their job.

  3. How much does OVR charge for their services?

    1. OVR’s time and services are of no cost to employers.

  4. Am I responsible to pay for the accommodations? What do they cost?

    1. Employers are responsible for paying for reasonable accommodations unless it is an undue hardship. Most accommodations cost less than $500.

  5. I am a self-employed contractor who hires staff using a 1099, am I required to provide an accommodation?

    1. Independent contractors those using a 1099 are not covered by the ADA.

      1. However, many employers make the mistake of paying someone under a 1099 when actually the person may be considered an “employee”. See guidance from the EEOC Compliance Manual chapter on Threshold Issues under section covered parties

  6. Are self-employed workers eligible for OVR job retention services?

    1. No


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