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Vision for Equality Workshops

Creating Easier Days - This workshop highlights a common question for caregivers: “How do I make our days a little bit easier?” As fellow caregivers, we share tested solutions to what makes our and our loved ones’ days more challenging. In the comfort of your home, you can join us virtually for brainstorming and/or listening to tips for making every day better.

Saturday, February 24th


Normal is Overrated: How to Manage Our Expectations as Caregivers While Adapting and Advocating

Workshop for Birth-Five Families

As caregivers, we know there is no such thing as “normal”. However, we are often pressured to conform to society’s expectations, which can create a lot of stress for ourselves and our loved ones.

As caregivers of children with disabilities, we can change our perspectives and take an alternative and equally valid pathway. On this pathway, we can support our children to feel truly accepted, valued, and celebrated for who they are.

Tuesday, February 20th


Saturday, February 24th


Caregiver Support Group

Calling all caregivers! You care for your loved one(s) but who is caring for you? We have a safe place for you to connect with other caregivers who understand the things you are dealing with and find the support you need as a caregiver. In this support group, we talk about stress, self-care, family dynamics, and more. We want to care for you as you care for your loved one(s).


Meeting the First Saturday and Second Tuesday of each month!

Saturday, March 2nd


Saturday, February 13th


Birth- Five Support Group

Do you live in Philadelphia and care for a child five years old or younger with an intellectual/developmental disability or autism? We want to help support you! Connect with other caregivers who “get it”, learn tips on reducing stress and taking care of yourself as a caregiver.


Meeting the First Tuesday and Third Friday of each month!

Tuesday, March 5th


Friday, February 16th


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