Benefits Counseling


How We Can Help:

  • Verify all benefits information.

  • Identify and connect with services or supports needed to overcome barriers to employment.

  • Understand how paid employment will affect all federal/state/local benefits.

  • Identify, use, and manage Social Security work incentives.

Contact Information:

Ticket to Work Helpline

1-866-968-7842 or 866-833-2967 (TTW)

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How We Can Help:

  • Square One Clubhouse is a vocational and psychiatric rehabilitation program for adults with mental illness.

  • Throughout the work ordered day, members learn skills useful in finding and maintaining employment within a supportive environment.

  • The Clubhouse offers transitional, supported and independent employment opportunities.

Contact Information:

Program Director: Melissa Steele Phone:

(717) 242-0478

Email: or

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How We Can Help:

  • A review of the comprehensive information gathered for the beneficiary

  • The Community Work Incentive Coordinator assesses the current and future impacts of employment and/or other changes on the person’s federal and state benefit programs in the context of the individual overall financial circumstances.

  • Includes development of a comprehensive written outline of possible options available to the individual and projected outcomes for each, as well as providing advisement to support an informed choice.

Contact Information:

Joy Smith 866-902-4333

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