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ARC of Bakersfield Provider Transformation Success Story

Community of Practice Webinar Series November 17th, 2021, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST The Employment First State Community of Practice (CoP) Webinar Series is structured to augment the technical assistance areas of primary focus in Employment First systems change (Capacity Building, Provider Transformation, School-to-Work Transition, Employer Engagement, and Policy/Funding Alignment). CoP participants will benefit from national subject matter experts (SMEs) presenting information and resources to support Employment First efforts. SAVE THE DATE! Please join us as we hear from the ARC of Bakersfield, one of the National Expansion of Employment Opportunities Network's (NEON) Local Partner Organizations as they talk about their experiences being a NEON local provider organization, and the decisions they faced when fully embracing Competitive Integrated Employment. Webinar Objectives:

  • Learn about Bakersfield Arc’s Transformation Process

  • Learn the role of NEON in helping a local provider achieve their strategic goals

  • learn about strategies to overcome community perceptions about Competitive Integrated Employment

  • Hear from self-advocates about the impact of CIE transformation

***Register for the Webinar Here*** Speaker Bios Jeffrey Popkin Senior Vice President/Director of Operations at Bakersfield ARC Jeffrey received his Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Southern California and a Masters in Social Welfare from the University of California, Los Angeles. Jeffrey is a Certified Advanced Social Work Case Manager. Jeffrey started his professional career in 1977 working for the State of California, in Bakersfield. He has worked in a number of different direct service and administrative positions in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities over the past 44 years. He has served on both local and statewide committees that have developed laws and policies in the field of disabilities. Jeffrey played a critical role in the transformation of Bakersfield Arc to strictly community based services. Jeffrey believes that his greatest accomplishments is that he always strives to listen and understand the needs of the diverse populations of individuals and families he serves. He works hard to creatively develop solutions that meet unique needs. Even though he has worked in the system for his entire career, he still believes that we should put people before paper. Samuel Herrera Peer Mentor at Bakersfield ARC Samuel Herrera works part-time at Bakersfield ARC as a Peer Mentor. In addition, Samuel works full-time at a local Amazon Fulfillment Center. Samuel has an Associate of Arts Degree in Sociology from Bakersfield Community College. Prior to these present jobs, Samuel worked at Walmart and K-Mart. As a Peer Mentor, Samuel provides information and advocacy on Competitive Integrated Employment to clients who are in group supported employment and adult day services. Samuel shares his experiences to both individuals and in groups with a focus on employment-related issues.

Employment First Webinars are recorded, and the links are distributed to the listserv within two business days following the webinar. Please share this announcement with your colleagues! If they are not a current subscriber to ODEP's Employment First mailing list, they can register here.

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