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Customized Employment Funding Webinar

Customized Employment Funding

March 30th, 2022 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST

The Employment First Community of Practice (CoP) Webinar Series augments the technical assistance areas of Employment First systems change (Capacity Building, Provider Transformation, School-to-Work Transition, Employer Engagement, and Policy/Funding Alignment). CoP participants benefit from national subject matter experts (SMEs) presenting information and resources to support Employment First efforts.

Please join Beth Keeton and Doug Crandell for a conversation about best approaches for funding Customized Employment (CE) efforts. Beth and Doug will lead a presentation detailing available CE funding sources, as well as the necessary financial considerations providers must make when incorporating CE into their service offerings. Beth and Doug will conclude by leading a discussion with participants to better provide tangible steps for increasing access to CE Funding. Don't miss out on your chance to be a part of this webinar, sign up today using the registration link below! Webinar Objectives:

  • Review the evolution of Customized Employment as a federally recognized alternative to Supported Employment when pursuing Competitive Integrated Employment

  • Understand the necessary financial considerations needed to engage in CE

    • Learn about other and new sources of funding for CE programs.

    • Hear about current efforts to secure CE funding opportunities as part of the long term development of CIE policy

***Register for the Webinar Here*** More information, including a new report by Beth Keeton and Doug Crandell, to be released soon. Please email any accommodation requests to


Beth Keaton

Beth Keeton, Executive Director, Griffin-Hammis Associates. For the last 20 years, Beth has provided extensive training and technical assistance on systems change, customized employment, self-employment, systematic instruction, and benefits analysis. She developed the first national certification training curriculum for customized self-employment, collaborated with the Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center on the development of Core Features of Quality Supported Employment, helped pioneer the creation and use of the three Customized Employment Fidelity Scales, and is currently service the Principle Investigator on a five year innovative self-employment training initiative funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration. Beth co-wrote Navigating Government Benefits & Employment: A Guidebook for Veterans with Disabilities and is a co-author of Making Self-Employment Work for People with Disabilities. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Oregon in 1996 and is a Certified Benefits Planner.

Doug Crandell

Doug Crandell directs the training and technical assistance center at the University of Georgia, Institute on Human Development and Disability. Doug is a Senior Consultant with Griffin-Hammis working in multiple states. An author, Doug’s most recent book is: Twenty-Two Cents an Hour: Disability Rights and the Fight to End Subminimum Wages.

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