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Sexual Abuse; Not My Child, Not My Family (Rebroadcast)

Sexual Abuse; Not My Child, Not My Family (Rebroadcast) Wednesday, May 5th 8pm - 9pm ET

Child Sexual abuse is a serious issue impacting our nation and sadly oftentimes happening within the family unit. Join Operation Parent and our expert guest Joe Carlton, LMFT as he digs deep into this tough topic. Different types of family systems will be reviewed with a focus on which systems harbor abuse. Similarly, some children are at a heightened risk for sexual abuse and we will take a look at why and how to proactively protect high-risk kids. Parents will be provided with tips to protect their children from sexual abuse and steps to take if you suspect your child is being sexually abused. Joe Carlton has focused his practice for over 23 years on helping clients heal from sexual abuse and will lead us in a very impactful learning session. *This is not a live event.

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